A Refrigerator That Doesn’t Run On Electricity? A Potter Has Created It

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1:20 pm 29 Jun, 2015

Are you frustrated by your electricity bill in which your fridge is one of the main contributors? If so, why don’t you try a refrigerator which doesn’t run on electricity? ‘Mitticool’ – meaning ‘cool with clay’ – is a company that creates low-cost refrigerators from clay, reports Logical Indian.

Mansukhbhai, who had a traditional business of pottery-making, created an innovative solution to a problem millions of poor people face across the world. The idea hit his mind one day when he thought that if tiles could be made out of clay, then why not other products?


And, Mitticool was created. The company specializes in creating earthenware products like refrigerators, cookers and filters among other products. A refrigerator made by his company costs Rs 3,000/- and is based on the simple scientific principle that evaporation results into cooling.

The refrigerator has channels where water can be filled up and vaporize, leaving behind a cool space which keeps fruits and vegetables fresh.


Mitticool has a turnover of Rs 45 lakh and employs 35 people. Mitticool’s products have reached countries like Africa and Dubai apart from many cities in India. The innovation has resulted in a low-cost technology that does not require electricity to run!


A commendable job!


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