Tweeple Tried Trolling Mithali Raj’s Sweaty Armpits And Got A Brilliant Reply From The Cricketer

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11:00 am 22 Aug, 2017


Indian women cricketers are finally getting the love and respect they always deserved. Since the time the superwomen of Indian cricket team defeated Pakistan, people are praising them and sending their love to them via different social media portals.

Indian Women Cricket Team Source


However, there are some who use the internet just to troll and slam others. A Twitter user recently tried trolling the coolest captain, Mithali Raj, on Twitter.

Women’s Cricket Team’s Captain Source


This happened when Mithali shared this wonderful picture on Twitter.


In no time the picture got a lot of likes and overwhelming response. However, this Twitter user chose to troll the cricketer for her sweaty armpits in the picture.

To gain the limelight the user posted this tweet in reply to Mithali Raj’s picture.

He would never have imagined that his nonsensical tweet will get Mithali Raj’s reply. The cricketer gave a brilliant reply to the user with a bang on tweet. Here is what she wrote.

Soon Mithali’s fan brigade attacked the user for trolling the Indian Women Cricket Team’s captain. Here’s how people reacted to support Mitahli Raj.




Mithali has given a perfect reply. People who try to gain unnecessary limelight should be humiliated publically in a similar way. This might help to stop such nonsense.