Mithali Raj Has A Silent Reply For Everyone Who Trolled Her For Her Dress

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6:13 pm 12 Sep, 2017

Though we are a country obsessed with cricket, women’s sports are barely followed outside cricketing circles. It is Mithali Raj’s remarkable contribution to Indian cricket over the last two decades that has brought a significant change. Today, women’s cricket is valued and watched.

Mithali is quite active on Twitter. Recently, she shared a cheerful picture with her friends but some people focused on her dress more than anything. Strangely, we love men cricketers when they share their chirpy pictures. So, why we have a problem with women? This is what Mithali Raj had tweeted.


The guardians of our sanskaars found it too hot to handle. 

We know that Mithali Raj is a calm and composed person. Hence, instead of directly attacking the people who judged her dress, she shared another photo and silenced them like a boss.

This is what she tweeted. 


Through this tweet, her haters got the answer and her admirers got the inspiration.