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7 Ways Both Media And People Are Going Wrong Just To Get Into Spotlight

Updated on 3 May, 2016 at 12:43 pm By

“We want the fu*king attention, nothing else matters.”

In this one notorious line, I redefined the ‘Bhagvad Gita’ of this generation. Every media house is howling news so that it’s rivals suffer from hearing loss and the socially active worms, mentally blind, believe in one simple philosophy – The news that is louder is the truth.


In the era of debates and open letters, we still are living in the web of confusion. Still. If a person decides to voice his opinion on a particular issue, ten are selfishly ready to bring him down. In this 1:10 ratio, news is fucked up, opinions get raped, nation suffers and the solution drowns.

So, how to stop India from being intolerant?

The answer is simple: Change.

Media needs a makeover and we need a mature approach to deal with issues.

Here are a few valuable points that both media and people need to acknowledge.

1. We speak to seek attention, not the truth.

Whether it is the JNU episode or Kashmir issue, we just don’t keep our mouth shut. We unconsciously speak because God has blessed us with a smartphone and a mind to judge.

We wrote hundreds of Tweets and open letters regarding JNU even though we were not physically present at the time the incident happened.

We absentmindedly raise anti-Muslim slogans even thought most of us have never been to Kashmir.

We judge the story the way it is narrated and my friend, narration is just an art of playing with words. Every fucking news is reported with a sole purpose to kidnap our senses. In India, the essence of the story is lost before it becomes news. Hence, news channels should stop competing with each other and rather compete to achieve authenticity.


2. Media’s 1st law of virality – Make an article on what Deepika and Ranveer are doing today.


Day 1 news – Deepika Padukone ate a mouth-watering dish that will make you curse your lunch.  

Day 2 news – Be grateful for your lunch because Deepika skipped her lunch today. 

Then her unapologetically obsessed fans with share her article till it reaches back to her and an WHO article on scarcity of food in India will go unnoticed.

She is laboriously working hard to make her dreams come true and is least bothered about what you ate today, then, why do you care so much?



3. The hatred on Twitter is peaking every minute.

We are always foolishly ready to troll our celebrity hate crush. We post hateful comments on their status to degrade their respect with the hope it melts down the anger within us.

But does it change anything? Do you feel satiated after mocking them?

Honestly, your venomous Tweet gets lost in midst of those lakhs of Tweets and the celeb enjoys the spotlight that he/she desires. If you really have a towering desire to prove someone wrong, then make the change you want to see by following your own principles and thoughts.

Kejriwal would not have won Delhi by trashing Modi on Twitter.



4. Fake news causes more smoke than real news.

Some part of news happens and the rest is invented and molded with controversial ingredients to entice us.

What actually happens: Ranbir met Deepika for a cup of coffee as they were shooting in the same studio.

What is reported: Ranbir needs Deepika to help him move on after his tumultuous break-up with Katrina. Seeing them together, Katrina will visit Salman’s house today.

Need I say anything more?


5. Who the fuck is this ‘source’?

‘Source’ is a creative character cunningly used by media to give the gossip that people wish to hear. Why are we so afraid to tell the reality? Just because it is boring and has no bitchy smoke. Entertainment news is basically an amalgamation of rumors floating in air lit by a vela.

Someday, I wish I could say:

Source, Rest in Peace. 



6. We call ourselves opinionated but actually we are over-analytical.

Having positive opinions is great but to over-analyse what is being said and make a judgmental outcome is stupidity.

Aamir Khan said this:

“Kiran and I have lived all our lives in India. For the first time, she said, should we move out of India? That’s a disastrous and big statement for Kiran to make to me.”

But we infinitely over-thought about this and reached this final conclusion:

Kiran and Aamir have no respect for India. They are here to earn loads of money in Bollywood and should be shamelessly thrown out. So, it’s better to book a foreign ticket for them.

 And one miserable freak actually did this. 

Do these two statements look alike from any point of view?



7. We don’t report India, we just report metropolitan news.

India is beyond Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. North-East of India seems to be in different continent altogether because nobody knows what’s happening there. This baised format of news is dividing the people within.

Do problems exist in only metropolitan cities and other states are perfectly free of issues?


Until and unless equal importance is given to every state, “Acche Din” dream of Modi will never come true.

 Now, I am waiting for you to change.


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