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21 Mistakes Boys Need To Stop Making When Texting Girls

Published on 3 December, 2015 at 10:00 am By

The easiest way to lose a date with the girl you’ve been eyeing is to send her the wrong text. You should know with so many texting apps available, texting has just been upgraded to be an ‘art’, just like flirting and seduction. If underdone, it doesn’t pay, and neither does overdoing it.


It’s a familiar situation with most of us – we send a text, and wait for a reply that never comes. If you’re this guy too, this is for you – STOP making these 21 big texting mistakes:


1. Stop overanalyzing every text message

Giving a little thought before texting a girl is fine but beating yourself up to come up with the perfect line is futile. Girls prefer spontaneous guys. Just live in the moment, text the first thing that comes to your mind. If you guys can connect at that level, good; otherwise, move on for your best.


2. Stop texting her too much and too long

Too much texting can make you come across as a needy and desperate person. Only when you’ve reached far in a relationship can you experiment with long poems. But, believe us, until then your texts are most likely to work if they are short.


3. Stop forcing text conversations


This is the biggest mistake guys can make while texting girls. Talk as much as is natural, but never try to beat around the bush, only to keep her entangled in chatting. If she senses desperation, it’s goodbye my friend.


4. Stop asking her too many stupid questions

This comes along with the habit of neediness. Asking her questions all the time may sound sweet to an extent, but too many questions and she’s most likely to switch her phone off.


5. Stop texting in anticipation of a response

You met a girl, you both hit it off in seconds and enjoyed each other’s company and you ended up exchanging numbers. It’s alright that you send her the first text, but don’t send another text before she replies.


6. Stop waiting too long to ask a girl out

If you guys are gelling along well, don’t waste time in asking her out. If you don’t, she’ll get the feeling you’re not serious enough. She could also stop replying to your texts. Be clear about your intentions and communicate them openly, before it’s too late.


7. Stop making unnecessary assumptions

If she doesn’t reply back to your first text, don’t start assuming stupid things. She may be stuck with work, family or friends. It is a warning only when she doesn’t reply back repeatedly.


8. Stop texting serious conversation

Understand that texting is not the right place for holding serious conversations. When texting a girl, keep the conversation fun and light.


9. Stop texting purposelessly

Sometimes guys lose track and become directionless when texting a girl. They chat without purpose, going off the track. Get to the point before it’s too late!


10. Don’t be just like every other guy she’s met

You may not be able to come out as an exceptional guy with every text, but at least try and be original. Learn how to communicate your real thoughts through words.


11. Don’t lack the FUN quotient

One trait that every girl wants in her guy is someone who loves to have fun. Someone who can make her smile, crack jokes and keep her happy. So stop nagging on texts. No sad stories, no being a cry-baby!


12. Don’t be vague about time and date

Got a date with her? Make sure you communicate the right time and place of meeting on text. Keep her updated about where you’ve reached and keep asking her about her location. That way, she’ll feel welcomed and cared for.


13. Not making any connection at all

You need to engage her emotionally through texts. Good morning, good night is never enough! Unless you don’t share interesting things, she’ll never be able to connect. With so many good texting apps, you can be creative. Send her a dubsmash video of yourself. Send her pictures of places you’re visiting. Send her songs. Ask for the same things in return and build a connection.


14. Stop being predictable

Don’t ever build a routine. Many of us get into the habit of asking, ‘What did you have for lunch?’, ‘What’s for dinner?’ and so on… These questions hardly convey your interest in the person. They just bring you out as ‘boring’.


15. Hold yourself from confessing your feelings over text.

Never tell a girl about your feelings over text. It looks desperate. Use texting only for getting a date with her. Once with her, you can express your feelings, staring her straight in the eyes.


16. Stop flaunting your physique on text

You may possess the sexiest abs, but stop flaunting them all the time on WhatsApp. Most girls prefer an emotional connection over physical attraction.


17. Stop using slang in your texts

Not always true, but bad grammar and too much slang can be an instant turn-off for girls. They mostly appreciate the finer things in life, and slang is not one of them.


18. Don’t try to be too cool

Cool is ok, but only if you’re naturally cool. Try pretending otherwise, and she’ll never speak to you again.


19. Sending too many compliments over text

We all know girls love compliments, but as they say, that too much of anything can be harmful. Complimenting her all the time will make you appear desperate.


20. Don’t ever text her when you are drunk

It is a big NO. You are drunk and god knows what you’ll text!


21. Stop overdoing the dirty talking

Maybe you’ve reached that level, where you’re comfortable with dirty talking but don’t overdo it. She will obviously think that you are only interested in her physically and not emotionally.




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