Don’t Make These 16 Silly Mistakes On Your Wedding Night

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2:50 pm 26 Apr, 2018


Have you ever wondered why there is so much hype about your wedding night? As soon as your wedding is fixed, all your friends start giving you those smirks with their dirty jokes. Well, there are two reasons why the first night after the wedding is special. After a full day of utter exhaustion you get to drop all your physical and emotional inhibitions to bond with your soulmate in the most sacred manner. However, the act itself is an art and you want to make sure that you don’t end up ruining that special moment with any of your silly mistakes. So here is a list of mistakes you should avoid:


1. Not letting your spouse know  your feelings

For a couple, it’s very important to know each other’s comfort level. So if by any chance you aren’t feeling comfortable or you are too tired or stressed, let your partner know.


2. Questions about one’s past flings

This could completely ruin your night! A strict NO NO to this.


3. Philosophical rants about life

Seriously? You waited for this night all your life just to share your wisdom on everyday issues?


4. Undressing and jumping on the bed right away

This will certainly make your partner feel disconnected.


5. Discussing business or money matters

Dude, are you in the middle of a business conference?


6. Poor jokes

Trust me, these are a big time turn-offs.


7. Love-making fantasies

It’s important for both the individuals to tell each other about it, but the first night after the wedding is not a good occasion.


8. Allowing other people to share the room with the couple

Any kind of breach in privacy should not be accepted.



9. Boring clothes

Choose interesting nightwear for yourself to add a bit of spice to the night. Even though you may just decide to rest and take a nap, do it stylishly.


10. Having a uninterested look in your eyes

Due to wedding rituals, it’s obvious that the couple will feel tired but the disinterested body language can ruin the whole occasion.


11. Indifferent attitude and lack of effort

Don’t miss this opportunity to shower all the love you have for your spouse. Make an effort to cuddle them and make them feel special.


12. Dull bedroom

Don’t miss out on decorating your bedroom with each other’s favourite things so as to make the moment memorable.


13. No gift

Just as a memento, get each other a small surprise gift to start a new chapter of your life.


14. Blabbering about your college or school life

You have whole life to discuss all this. So don’t ruin this night.


15. Being shy about your body

Your spouse is one person in front of whom you can shed all your inhibitions. Let yourself free.


16. Discussing the number of babies you want to have

Do you seriously want children on the first night of your wedding?