Top 10 Silly Mistakes In Bollywood Movies You Might Have Missed

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7:30 am 7 Jul, 2018


The first time that we watch any movie, we don’t really pay attention to other aspects besides the story. Little things like background actors, clothes of the actors, etc go pretty much unnoticed by most of the audience. However, on close inspection we realize the actor, director, cinematographer, etc have made quite a few mistakes and that too more than once in the entire movie. Things like actors wearing different clothes in the same scene, or the backdrop suddenly changing have happened in many movies. You may think that your favorite movies would not have such goof-ups. Well, prepare to be shocked then! Here is a list of top 10 mistakes in Bollywood movies we are pretty sure you would not have noticed.


1. 3 Idiots


During the climax scene (Neha and Suhas’s wedding) Suhas is first shown to be inside the wedding venue. However, in the following scene he makes an entry through the main entrance gate of the venue. Did he time travel?


mistakes in bollywood movies 1


2. Bhaag Milkha Bhaag


The song ‘Nanha Munna Rahi Hoon’ is sung by Farhan in one of the scenes. The goof-up here is that this particular scene is set in the 1950s whereas the said song belongs to a movie Son of India which was released in 1962.


mistakes in bollywood movies 2


3. Pyaar Ka Punchnama


We loved this movie for its honest and relatable humour but none of us noticed this silly mistake. Remember when the three friends go to a dhaba for dinner? They are shown arriving on a bike but they leave in a jeep! How did that happen Mr.Luv?


mistakes in bollywood movies 3



4. Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara


Did Katrina change her clothes on the way while riding to catch up with the guys who had just left? There is another mistake in the same scene. When Hrithik leaves the hotel with other guys then he is clean saved but with Katrina his stubble is apparent. Such movie mistakes from such an amazing movie surely puts a dent in the picture.


mistakes in bollywood movies 4


5. Oh My God!


In a scene where a news channel is being shown broadcasting, there is a logo goof-up! On the TV screen we see the new ‘ABP News’ logo, but the mic being held by a reporter of the channel depicts the old ‘Star News’ logo. Cost cutting maybe?



mistakes in bollywood movies


6. Baby


In the scene where Akshay is chasing Wasim Khan, he starts off the chase in a Land Crusier but he gets off from the car after the chase, the car has changed to another one!



7. Neerja

This was a great movie on many levels however one thing which is hard to understand is despite being jostled and frisked in a very unkindly and disrespectful manner by one of the terrorists in a particular scene, Sonam manages to retain the letter and chocolate that Shekhar handed over to her before her flight. And we thought only our security check-ups could be fooled!



8. Lagaan


The movie is set in 1892. A little research showed that in those days, England allowed only 5 balls per over but in the movie each team got 6 balls. talk about a movie being ahead of its time!



9. Sarfarosh


Sarfarosh was such an amazing movie, right? Then what is it doing in this list of mistakes in bollywood movies? Sadly, even this one had a teeny-weeny silly mistake. Before the song ‘Jo Haal Dil ka’ starts, a little girl hands over a fully-bloomed rose to Aamir Khan, but in the following  scene he is seen holding a rose which is just a bud!



10. PK


There is no Pakistani Embassy in Bruges. There is one in Brussels though! So was Sarfaraz jobless or was he lying? Tapasvi Maharaj did ask Jaggu not to trust him!




Whatever the case may be, we do still hold these movies close to our hearts and the fact that they were a ‘hit’ only prove that we liked them!