Girls, Break The Stereotype And Don’t Commit These 11 Mistakes In Bed

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6:46 pm 29 Mar, 2016


Society has set up numerous stereotypes for both genders. When it come to sex and intimacy, women are generally given a backseat. While guys do have  some sexpectations, the truth is that they don’t want to do it all by themselves. When you are a newbie in intimacy, mistakes are bound to happen. You make mistakes and learn from them. But in most cases, women generally let the guys do all the work. You contribution in bed will spice up the session.


1. Don’t be afraid of being an initiator.

It’s true that you will enjoy the moves but the guys also want to feel the pleasure. Make your guy feel special. Express your want for love-making and he will become a fan of yours.


2. Accept your body because your guy doesn’t worry about it at all.

Thinking about how you are going to look will take away from the good moments you have. You need to be confident about yourself and have fun with your guy. That’s it!


3. Don’t compare yourself with his previous sexual partners.

Your partner may have a sexual past. But bringing it up during your love-making and comparing yourself with others can create major issues between you and him.


4. Don’t think that he is not interested in you.

The thought that your guy is no more into you can haunt many. But, important is to stop judging him and accepting what is there. Rather, just add some new moves to make it interesting and appealing. He won’t be able to take his mind off of you.


5. Compliment him often.

Men are equally insecure in bed and compliments can boost their confidence. Make them feel good and that can do wonders in bed. You session can become way more pleasurable than you ever thought of!



6. Be direct and stop giving hints.

Though hints sometimes work as a turn-on, sometimes you just need to be direct. Let the light be switched on and don’t shy away. Strip tease for him and show him your confidence.


7. Divide responsibilities equally.

Don’t blame him if you are not getting an orgasm. Or if you want a hot session all of a sudden then keep a condom handy. There can be times when he can forget stuff. Take responsibility for your sexual safety and orgasms. Blaming can act as a turn-off for next time so be careful!


8. Express your wants and desires.

You shouldn’t be shy expressing your desires and wants. Be straightforward and express what you want from him. He is not a mind reader. Take his hand where you want or moan out loud when you really like his move.


9. Don’t stop yourself from experimenting.

Guys love to try different stuff with their woman. Don’t shy away as same old moves can be boring. Suggest different positions and styles. Try out new accessory and let the session be smoking hot!


10. Talk about the session.

You may feel shy about the things that happened in bed. Thinking and blushing about it is fine but not talking about it at all will give him the wrong signals. Try and talk to him. Tell him how good he was in bed and all the things you enjoyed the most.


 11. Don’t try things against your will.

Like I said before, just be straight. If you tell him what all you liked, then you can tell him about the things that you don’t like. If you will try something against your will, then it surely will spoil the good times you both can have.