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The Curious Case Of Missing Island In Japan Is Absolutely Baffling

Published on 4 November, 2018 at 2:00 pm By

What is the worst thing you have lost till now? Is it your precious gadget, jewelry, or something else? Well, whatever it is Japan may always beat you. Wondering how? Well, it was discovered or rather found that Japan has lost an island. This place was located 500 meters off the coast of Sarafutsu village, Hokkaido, Japan. Are you surprised about this missing island in Japan? So are we!


The most surprising thing is that the island was not noticed by anyone for a long time. Known as Esanbe Hanakita Kojima, the disappearance of this uninhabited island wasn’t noticed for a long time.



Wondering how it was discovered? This missing island in Japan was first noticed by author Hiroshi Shimizu. He was producing a picture book on the hidden islands in the country. Naturally, he traveled to that area but the author was in for a big surprise.

Upon asking the locals he came to know that the island is no longer visible from the boat or the land. The locals also reported the missing island to the authorities but not much attention was paid.




Though the older generation can recall the existence of the island, there are many who doubts if the island was ever there. This missing island in Japan was just 1.4 meters above sea level. In reality, there is evidence that shows that this island once existed.

Upon investigation, one of the fishermen from a nearby area said:

“Around a decade from 1975, there was a small island around there, and we stayed clear of the area.”



After this discovery, the Japanese government tried to find the island but without any fruitful result. One of the rescue officers came up with a theory that:

“There is a possibility that the islet has been eroded by wind and snow and, as a result, disappeared.”



It is absolutely bizarre that an island can simply vanish without anyone noticing. Naturally, when the news made it to the internet, Twitterati had a field day. Here’s what they said:










This case of missing island in Japan is indeed a very serious aspect but there is no denying the fact that it is somewhat funny too. What do you think?

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