14 Ways To Know You Are A Misfit In Your Friend’s Group

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10:00 am 23 Jun, 2015

Feel you are with friends who are not actually your friends? Are you trying to fit in desperately? Maybe it’s time for you to know that the group of friends you hangout with don’t match your wavelength. Still unable to understand? The list below will help you figure out when you are a total misfit and when it is time for you to walk out.

1. When all laugh and you don’t.


2. You are not invited to a gathering.


3. When the minute you speak, everyone stares at you to keep shut.


4. You are repeatedly asked to do things you don’t like.


5. You prefer avoiding calls from your friends.


6. You feel you are in zombieland the minute you enter a social gathering.


7. You try hard to understand a conversation and fail in it.


8. When everyone pins you down when they get a chance.


9. When you are the reason for everyone’s puns.


10. When you try to control your emotions in front of your friend group.


11. When you become dissociative.


12. When you start looking down upon yourself.


13. When you feel as if your heart is breaking.


14. When you feel lonely even when with your friends.




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