11 Misconceptions About Mumbai And Mumbaikars

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5:00 pm 25 Jun, 2015

Mumbai! Yay!

We all love Mumbai, don’t we? There’s something about Mumbai that attracts people, like moths to a flame. The insomniac city has a lot to offer through the day and night; pizzazz, money, freedom, opportunities. And like every city, Mumbai too, is tainted by misconceptions.

Most people live in a fool’s paradise when they think of Mumbai, failing to understand that all that glitters is not gold, and that money and glamour come at a price.

Howbeit, maybe this is what makes Mumbai so special. Despite all the muddle and problems, we love Mumbai unconditionally.

Here are common misconceptions about the city and her inseparable Mumbaikar that are simply not true!

1. Mumbai is dominated by Language politics.

Mumbai has a love-hate relationship with her own history. While the educated middle class can have and does have moral judgements about anything and everything, without ever getting their hands dirty, politics and political power are a reality for the other two classes. But, the one thing Mumbai rejects the most is categorization and separation. So while Language politics does rear its head from time to time, Mumbai ends up accommodating every person refusing to speak another language, be it Marathi or Hindi.



Kya re! Wo samor ka bhaaji wala swasta madhe deta hai! rediff

2. Thane, Kalyan, Virar are not part of Mumbai.

Just because they technically do not come under the Mumbai Metropolitan Region, does not mean they are separate from the city. The people work in Mumbai, trade happens in Mumbai and Mumbai is just a bone-crunching local ride away!



I once went to Thane! It smelled just like Earth! wikipedia

3. Slow trains are slow and fast trains are fast.

Everyone new to the city, including children of Mumbaikars think that fast trains are actually faster than slow trains and then wonder why have slow trains at all! We shall leave this mystery for you to visit our city and find out!



Once Alia Bhatt, Rahul Gandhi and Rakhi Sawant were going by a fast train…

4. Mumbai ki life is awesome!

Mumbai is full of opportunities, no doubt about that. And life does get settled here. Only thing is, you might have to settle some 50 kms away from the city, you may literally never get used to the traffic on roads and crowd in trains, and you will be running around so much for the rest of your life, you will never again want to settle anywhere!



That’s how we roll. funnfun

5. Mumbaikars hate migrants!

If Mumbai really hated migrants, there wouldn’t be more than 200 families coming in to settle every single day! When we know you are from outside, we will make you feel as welcome as our schedules will allow us. Just don’t stand on the wrong side of a peak hour train to get down at a crowded station!



This station is built such that you HAVE to take a local train to go anywhere. Welcome to Mumbai! inchembur

6. All of us talk like Circuit from Munna Bhai.

Let’s just make one thing clear. We can talk like Delhi people, but we are not that up inside our own asses. So we don’t.



Ae, bola toh nikal leneka! Khalipili lafde pe nai utaar, bolrela ae! wheatish

7. Our schools and colleges are exactly as depicted in Bollywood!

Not all of us have flashy cars, majority of us use public transport. Girls do not wear shortest of the short skirts and boys do not wear tank tops and shorts. We do not have air conditioned classrooms and by the end of the day, we’ve all done some good to deodorant companies.



That’s only how people in Delhi and Lokhandwala dress. santabanta

8. We are all about Bollywood and celebrities

We do run into celebrities from time to time. But mostly, they’re busy shooting, we’re busy watching their movies or working for the movies. That’s where it ends. Even if we do bump into them, we are quite well behaved and beyond a selfie and an autograph, we don’t badger anyone below Amitabh, Sachin, the CM and the PM level. No, not even Rakhi Sawant.



Arre iska make-up toh meri maasi ki bua ki ladki karti hai! mtvstat

9. Mumbai food means, vada paav and paav bhaaji.

We love Vada Pav! And Pav Bhaaji!! But there are a lot of other kinds of food we eat too. Like McVada Paav and Paav Bhaaji Dosa.


Mumbai food

Ok fine. We admit this one. But I want a Vada Pav now! indianholocaustmyfatherslifeandtime

10. Mumbaikars are all HiFi.

Contrary to what you think, we’re broke most of the time. The rent, all the travelling leaves us kangaal. Not all of us wear clothes from Zara, travel in air conditioned cars and eat at the Taj.



I kept all my expensive branded clothes at home to come play in the rain! valley-of-dance

11. All girls living in Mumbai are posh and say Ya!

That’s just the newest entrants from Delhi and the oldies at Lokhandwala. Mumbai girls are quite the go getters and local train travelers, thank you!



What ya! You stepped on my fake Gucci sandals! Thik hai, vaanda nai. We will share a vada pav! indianexpress


Agree with our list? What misconceptions do you face as a Mumbaikar?


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