8 Wrong Things You Think About Marathi People

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7:00 pm 10 Aug, 2015

If you live in India, stereotypes about your ethnicity are the norm pretty much irrespective of which state you come from. Marathi people are no exception. All South Indians are ‘Madrasis’, all Gujaratis are mean-spirited businessmen who eat dhokla for all meals, while all Punjabis are forever nursing a Patiala peg or two.

In this article, we look at 8 commonly held misconceptions about Marathi people. Tar chala mag! (Let’s go then!)

1. Marathi people speak terrible English.

Yes. Just like no Tamilian can speak fluent Hindi and all Muslims speak exclusively in Urdu.

PS: The constitution of India was crafted by a Marathi manoos, and Lokmanya Tilak spoke the language well enough for the British to exile him to Burma.


Marathi people

There’s a method to our madness, see? Pueripatya

2. Marathi people are terrible businessmen.

(and keep their businesses closed from 2 to 4pm daily).

Yes, we enjoy our afternoon siesta as much as the next person, and no, that does not make us terrible businessmen. Chitale bandhu (yes, bakwarwadi fame) have an annual turnover of INR 300 crore. From one shop mostly. Look it up.


Marathi people

Don’t share one Misal between two people, else pay an extra ten rupees. nitawriter

3. All Marathis are rude, uncivilized ghaatis.

Oh, you’re Marathi? And you’re not carrying a weaponized cricket stump? You haven’t abused me yet either? What? How? Do you even manoos, bro?

PS: The word ghaati literally means a person hailing from the ghats, or hilly regions and is used to separate those who live by the Konkan coast, the Konkanis from those who live beyond the Sahyadri range, the Ghaatis.


Marathi people

Typical Ghaati boy: While riding a Harley to buy half a litre of milk his mom asked him to. memegenerator

4. All Marathis support at least one Thackeray.

Oh look, a bow and arrow! Let me channel my inner manoos and shoot down a few north Indians. You know, since it’s our favorite sport and all.

PS: The above statement is sarcasm.


Marathi people

Fact: The Shiv Sena has been in power exactly once in Maharashtra’s 55 year history. bangalorememes

5. All Marathis hate North Indians.

Yes. Like I said, we hunt them for sport with our bow and arrows. Dressed as Shivaji. While also wearing ‘Lalu suxx’ t-shirts. Oh yes, and if we don’t hate them passionately enough, the ghost of a bearded Maratha warrior appears and beats us into submission with the bones of a Bihari.

PS: The above statement is sarcasm too. Just in case you don’t speak English fluently.


Marathi people

Your argument is invalid. Facebook

6. Most Marathi men are drivers/peons while most Marathi women are kaamwali bais.

Totally. We carry swords to the job BTW. And we go dressed in navvaris. And fetas. And oh, we’re good enough at it apparently to have one of the highest GDPs among Indian states.


Marathi people

Ignorance, ignorance everywhere! memegenerator

7. All Marathi people are khadoos.

This is almost never the case. If you make the effort to look beyond the stereotypes, you’ll find that Marathi people are welcoming, hospitable and make loyal companions.

PS: The above statement is NOT a sarcastic statement.


Marathi people

Your argument is invalid: Part 2 DNA

8. All Marathis think Tendulkar=God.

Ok, this one is true. And we will get violent if you say otherwise. You know, with the bow and arrow and weaponized cricket stump.

PS: We have Rahul Dravid as well. Just saying.


Marathi people

The Hallmark of a true Marathi legend – Pooja at home. Idolbin


Have you had any similar experiences that you’d like to share? What kind of misconceptions do you think people have about the Marathi Manoos and Bai?


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