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10 Misconceptions About Creative Jobs

Updated on 30 August, 2018 at 5:15 pm By

1. Anyone can do it

Sure you have ideas, tons of ideas, but if you think it’s easy to translate those vague, half-thought-out ideas into something concrete, then you’re very much mistaken.


girl fail

2. They’re doing a bad job

It’s easy to be a critic and point out how all ads or magazine articles are the same-ish, but creative talent always has to bow down to client’s demands or ‘what sells’.

Michael Scott


3. It’s for lazybones

Yeah, you know that person who goes to the office in chappals at 12 in the afternoon, but what you don’t know is that he/she spends every waking minute trying to think of new ideas.


4. Life is one big party


Most of the time, you work alone…in complete silence. You can get basic ideas in meetings but you flesh them out in solitude. Communication relies upon IMs and emails.


5. No responsibility

In this age of one mistake following you forever, putting something out there that gets some negative responses can stick to you for a long, long time.


6. It’s for a lucky few

Nope. If you have the dedication (dedication is crucial), then you too can start a blog or a vlog and indulge in your creative side.

Nicky Minaj

7. Doesn’t pay well

Not at the start, no. Your MBA counterparts start off with great pay packages while you struggle to make ends meet, but if you have the talent, you’ll get there.

30 rock

8. Part of a close-knit gang

Creative jobs attract a lot of introverts who’re not too interested in socializing. Add to that personal responsibilities and you have mysterious ‘ghost’ colleagues.


9. Only potheads need apply

It’s a myth that everyone who works in the creative field smokes ganja/charas or drinks like a fish. Like every other field, it has all kinds – from fitness freaks to binge eaters.

Harold and Kumar

10. It’s better/worse than your job

Nah, it’s just like yours. Some days are great, some days are not so great and some days just make you want to scream at the top of your lungs.

The Office




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