8 Ridiculous Misconceptions About Arts Students

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10:00 am 16 Jun, 2015

Well the 10th grade results are out and those poor souls are going to be attacked with the usual “Science ki Commerce?” questions (Because Arts isn’t a legit stream!)

While auntyji s are busy raising eyebrows and wagging tongues, these kids are faced with the most important (or not) decision of their lives. And God only help those brave souls who decide to break social pattern and take up Arts.

Arts students face heavy stereotypes even after they’ve long graduated from college. As an Arts student myself, I remember scandalizing everyone, right from the plumber to my relatives, with my decision after school. Here are some of the most common misconceptions that we poor Arts students face on a daily basis.

1. Arts kyun? Kam percent aaye kya? (Why Arts? Got less per cent?)

This usually comes from annoying aunties who think we’re stuck in this stream because we weren’t good enough for anything else. You know, some people choose a cherry when they can eat a banana.



“Main bada hoke Engineer banunga!”

2. Arre tumhe toh bohot aaram hoga! (Hey, you must be having no tensions.)

Er, no. We did not take up Arts to sit and watch Nyan cat all day. We are also required to study. And all theoretical subjects, mind you. The actually intellectual ones.


Arts students

“Ae watchman! Utho! Arts se ho kya!?!”

3. Arts? Tumhe toh teacher banna hai! (Oh, you want to be a teacher!)

Yeah, just like engineering is the only option for science students. The career options in Humanities will baffle you and some of them make more money than your precious engineers.


Arts students

“Google says Youtube channel kholne ke liye engineering degree nahi lagti! Haww!”

4. Ladki ho na, arts karo. (A girl must study Arts.)

Women are expected to take arts, get married, live happily ever after. While those with stay at home plans should always leave seats in any competitive stream for people looking to make a career, assuming a gender will define a role is just so 1800s.


Arts students

“Yes! Shaadi! Life concluded!” youtube

5. BA kiya hai usne, usse shaadi nahi karungi! (I won’t marry him because he is a BA pass.)

Sexism goes both ways. A lot of women judge men according to their degrees. And BA is just plain unattractive!


Arts students

“Artsy pansy thinks he can reproduce! Let’s lol girlies!”

6. Ladka ho kar Arts liya? (A boy and Arts?)

News flash: Taking Arts does not require a particular anatomy. Although to be fair, “Arts lega toh girlfriend nahi milegi!” has scared many a man into more manly career options like Doctor, Engineer and Baap ki Dukaan.


Arts students

“Amma dekh, haan dekh, tera munda Arts mein jaaye!”

7. IT mein job karte ho? Kaunse college se Engineering ki thi? (You work in IT? Which engineering college?)

Again, newsflash! IT mein bhi coding chodke departments hote hai. Plus, an Arts person can learn coding too.


8. Lekin tum karte kya ho? (But what do you do?)

Most arts career options will leave you in a place where it will be very difficult to explain what exactly you do at work. Whether you run a business or you work a job, you will fulfil so many roles since you don’t have a mechanical qualification. And this really is the crux of why people don’t encourage arts as a career option. Not because there aren’t career opportunities, but because they don’t have vague labels that people understand, like Doctor, Engineer, Scientist, Plumber. Work in Advertising, just doesn’t cut it!


Arts students


Have we missed some other comments from our dear Anu Aunties? What all do YOU face as an arts student?


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