15 Misconception About Girls Who Wear Shorts And Mini Skirts In India

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Updated on 22 Oct, 2015 at 12:46 pm


There are various misconceptions about girls who choose to wear shorts or skirts just above-the-knee length. In spite of various efforts taken to develop the country, we still lag behind in changing the views of people towards such issues.


1. Society thinks they are lazy and such a girl cannot handle responsibilities.


2. People think a girl wearing denim shorts and a tee is looking for attention!



3. If your babe loves dressing western outfits, it becomes hard for your parents to find her socially acceptable.


4. If a girl is wearing shorts or a pretty dress and looking fabulous, the guys think she will ask him out soon.


5. In the Indian corporate culture, they remain gossip headliners and colleagues accuse them of using their feminine charms to date and sleep with bosses.


6. They are regarded as promiscuous in all their social and corporate functions!


7. Indians think girls walking down the streets in such get-ups are looking for trouble and men will surely attack them.


8. Women who wear such clothes are seen as being influenced by western culture and are often seen as sex objects or termed ‘sex symbols’.


9. Women who cover up are said to feel bad about their bulgy bodies, whereas a girl in shorts is said to be showing off her legs!


10. And off course, they dress to please men and want the guys to approach them.


11. At a first meeting, such girls are usually flirted with in between conversations because the men think they might be easy.



12. Girls in such clothes are often viewed as sluts who have more than one relationship! When married, they’re sure to have affairs.


13. People assume such girls want to show how modern they are; they fail to understand their dressing is out of passion and liking.

14. A man who may be approaching you assumes you have already tried a drink or you may be a regular boozer.

15. Hell, everything is their parents fault!



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