Tamil Movie ‘Miruthan’ Is Coming With Some Really Frightening Zombies

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3:31 pm 7 Jan, 2016

In 2013, we saw India’s first zombie film in the comedy ‘Go, Goa, Gone’. That was fun to watch, not scary. In 2016, the first Tamil film on zombies will hit the screens but it will take things to the level of REAL scare.

‘Miruthan’, directed by Shakti Soundar Rajan, has a stellar lead pair in Jayam Ravi and Lakshmi Menon.

When we saw the trailer, we realised that it has all the elements of becoming a blockbuster. So we decoded it for you.

There are scenes of desolation.


South Indian Films


You see people running away in fear.


Run Away


And then you see our hero – Jayam Ravi – announcing his arrival with a roar.




Obviously, there is no joy of killing zombies without action like this.


Action more


And more action. (What a head-on!)




We catch a glimpse of a zombie and know there is a foreign connection.




But look at this man’s face as he turns into a zombie.


More Zombies


Fear and desolation are obviously the central theme in this horror movie.




Yet Lakshmi Menon ushers in some sunshine.




But we know that the seriousness of the situation from the looks of our hero, who is revealed to be a cop.




Jayam Ravi displays a high degree of intensity in the film.


More Anger


And he performs some amazing stunts.




But what looked like the REALLY scary part is when this dog entered the frame.




It appears that the makers have spent some serious moolah on the CGI for this flick. Watch the trailer and know that we are looking at a blockbuster.


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