Ever Wondered Why There Are Mirrors In Elevators? Here’s The Real Reason!

6:44 pm 1 Jun, 2018


With the advent of industrial development, the buildings are getting higher and higher. As the height of the buildings has gone taller, the need for the elevators has also increased. After all, it is not easy to climb stairs up to the 11th floor of your office building, right?! Elevators are one of the greatest inventions of mankind that has made lives quick and convenient. And there are many interesting things about the engineering of these elevators. From the peculiar music to the strategically-placed mirrors in elevators, the mechanics of the lifts is well-planned.




But have you ever given it a thought as to why there are mirrors in elevators? Well, mirrors are installed in the lifts not-for-just last minute make-up checks or selfies!

Here’s the truth behind the use of mirrors in elevators:



Back in the earlier days, when the elevators were newly invented without any mirrors, people used to stand in them, monotonously staring into nothingness. Moreover, during the time they were inside in the elevators, they had nothing much to do. So apparently, during this time, all they could think of the fear of falling from the life that is suspended into the air with just cables.



Evidently, to overcome this fear of the people, engineers installed mirrors in the lifts to distract them from their natural fears. According to engineers, people get easily distracted by looking into the mirrors. So, when they had mirrors installed in the lifts, people’s fear of the lift got diverted to looking at themselves in the mirrors.



Furthermore, getting claustrophobic in an elevator is a very common phenomenon among people. Lack of air, small space or being in a closed box kind-of structure increased the anxiety level of the people in an elevator. So, installing a mirror in the lifts helped in reducing this anxiety as mirrors created illusion of large spaces.




So, the next time you click a mirror-selfie in the lifts, do remember that!

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