You Won’t Believe How This Woman Saved Her Life When She Saw A Train Heading Towards Her

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2:41 pm 17 Feb, 2017

Indians are quite infamous for breaking the safety rules. Whether it is roads or railways, we hardly care about the guidelines and fearlessly take injurious steps in hurry. More often than not, we see people crossing railway tracks to move from one station to another. Knowing the fact that it is a fatal move, they still risk themselves.


Why endanger your life?

A woman at the railway station in Agra committed the same blunder. She tried crossing the railway track and then, in a moment, realized that a goods train is heading towards her at a breakneck speed.

Instantly, she laid herself on the track and miraculously escaped this mishap.

Watch the full video to see how she survived a near-death incident:


What happened to her was really fortunate but at the same time, it teaches us a lesson for a lifetime.

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