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Thousands Gather To Swallow “Miracle Cure” Live Fish In An Attempt To Cure Asthma

Published on 8 June, 2016 at 10:53 pm By


In 1845, Veeranna Goud, a charitable man who gave freely to the poor, met a holy sage who gave him a secret formula of herbs and blessed a nearby well. He instructed Goud to share the medicine free of cost.


Live Fish Cure


Since then, Bathini Mrugasira Fish is distributed on Mrigashira Karthi nakshetra by the descendants of Goud. Three extra doses are given for the next 45 days. The “miracle cure” has been gaining steady popularity, with thousands lining up to take the free medicine.



The medicine is actually a yellow paste tucked into a fish’s mouth. The fish is then swallowed live and “travels, wagging its tail and fins, through the throat and negotiates the phlegm congestion, providing a 100% cure.”




Doctors are doubtful about the real effect of the offbeat medicine. They want to analyze the medicine (called ‘prasadam’ and ‘herbal food supplement’) and see the before and after results of patients but no such tests have been carried out.



Origin: SUNO



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