Mira Rajput Reveals Secrets About Shahid In Their Talk Show With Neha Dhupia

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4:21 pm 22 Mar, 2018


Who doesn’t love gossip? And when the juiciest details of their private life are revealed by the stars themselves, Indians skip a heartbeat reading them!

During an interview with Neha Dhupia on the show ‘Vogue New BFF’, Dhupia tantalized the curiosity of the viewers by asking the hot couple, Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput, several personal and intimate questions. While Shahid appeared to be embarrassed and shy answering them, Mira appeared bold and gave straight answers.


When Dhupia asked the duo about their favorite sex position, the hottest dad in Bollywood aka Shahid was seen turning pink. However, the lady of the house, Mira, quenched the thirst of the audience.


She said,

I think he is a control freak. He is always telling me what to do.

Neha decided to turn up heat once again when she asked Shahid if he has ever cheated or has been cheated on. Shahid replied that he has never cheated but has been cheated by someone else in a relationship. He said he is very positive that one of his ex-girlfriend cheated on him while in the relationship and he has a doubt about another one.




Although, the actor did not take any name, it was quite evident that he was hinting at Kareena Kapoor Khan who had grown very close to Saif Ali Khan while filming the movie ‘Tashan’ while still being in a relationship with Shahid. Many people believe that the second girl about whom Shahid spoke was Priyanka Chopra who had also grown very close to Shahrukh Khan while Shahid and Priyanka were allegedly dating.

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