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Mira Rajput Faces The Wrath Of The Netizens For Wearing An Ill-fitted Dress

Published on 18 January, 2019 at 6:55 pm By


Trollers and social media stalwarts leave no stone un-turned to critically analyze what the celebrities are wearing or saying. Recently, we have seen a rising trend of the same. Many Bollywood celebrities, cricketers and those who are popular get smashed by people on their social media platforms. The reason could be anything, it may be their statement, or how they appear or what they wear. Mira Rajput is no different and she is the latest addition to the list.

Mira Rajput, who is famously known as Shahid Kapoor’s wife is a strong woman. She has been vocal about her ideas and opinions. Being married to a Bollywood star brings her to the limelight and everything that she does becomes the talk of the town. Recently, Mira Rajput got slammed for wearing a silver jumpsuit.




Mira Rajput always catches the attention of media every time she steps out. She is known for her impeccable dressing style.


Her Instagram is filled with beautiful pictures like this:


Her desi avatar can leave anybody stunned. She looks confident on camera and her charisma is magnetic. This is the reason the paparazzi always follow her.


Recently, she wore this off-shoulder jumpsuit which caught the attention of shutterbugs and when the photos surfaced the internet, it became a sensation. Here is a look at what Mira Rajput donned:


Seems like people are hating her attire


Some say that she is trying to copy Kareena Kapoor


More comments


Some went ahead and compared her jumpsuit to a curtain




What do you feel about her dress? Let us know by dropping your comments below.

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