This Is Mira Erda, The First Indian Woman To Compete In A Formula Racing Event

10:00 am 14 Jul, 2017


Mira Erda from Vadodara has always dreamt of becoming Formula 1 racer. At the young age of 17, when other kids aren’t even sure about their future, she is already signing contracts with international organisers.

To make this sport the goal of her life, she has been working tirelessly while managing her academics and passion simultaneously.

She will become the first Indian female driver to compete in one of the highest classes of Formula Racing in the country after signing up for the Euro JK series in the upcoming JK Tyre- FMSCI National Racing Championship.


Mira Erda from Vadodara will become the first Indian woman racer to compete in a Formula Racing event. Wikimedia Commons


Mira is preparing for 12th standard board examination as well. She will be having a packed season from running between racing cars and books. She plans to not only race in the National Championship but also in national rallies and international karting competitions.


Think driving is not a woman’s strongest suit? Meet Mira Erda. Wikimedia Commons

Mira began her journey as one of the youngest in national karting and she was competing in LGB Formula 4 till last year. She proved herself to be equal to or better than the boys winning the Formula 4 Rookie Champion of the Year during the annual FMSCI awards.

Mira said, “Ever since I started racing as a 9-year-old I have been dreaming of becoming a Formula 1 racer, I want to thank JK Tyres and FMSCI for this wonderful opportunity as this is one huge jump forward towards realising my dream.”


Mira with her uncountable trophies that she won during races. Wikimedia Commons

Sanjay Sharma, Head of JK Motorsports which sponsors and conducts the National Racing Championship, said, “This is very good news for Indian motorsport, It will encourage other girls to take up the sport as well. I must congratulate Mira for this huge jump. I am sure she will do well at this level too.”

Mira has already participated in about 75 races both at the national and the international level.

The fearless one. Wikimedia Commons

Her father owns a racing track in Vadodara and Mira used to accompany him quite often. It was during one such event in Pune that she decided to try out karting. The young girl enjoyed it so much that she decided to make her mark in the field.
Mira told Times of India, “Things are changing, albeit gradually. Some of these girls, who come to watch my races, ask me for professional tips. But not many take up professional racing.”

At the filed she focuses only at winning. Wikimedia Commons

For years Mira has been carrying her books to the racing track. Since her school has been extremely supportive of her racing career, she has managed to balance her academics with her racing career. However, she does feel she misses hanging out with girls of her age.


Also, she says that racing has always been dominated by males and it makes difficult for her to compete and find a space in that world. Usually girls are not associated with racing and that gives her moral boost to win the competition among them.

With the way her career trajectory has progressed, it isn’t hard to see her reach for that goal a few years down the line and perhaps achieve yet another Indian ‘first’, on the Formula 1 stage.

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