Actress Neelima Azeem Spills The Beans Behind Shahid And Mira Naming Their Second Child ‘Zain’!

3:21 pm 10 Sep, 2018


It’s time for celebrations for one of the most happening couples of B’town. And you know whom I am talking about, right? It’s Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput. Ever since the news broke out that the duo is all set of embrace parenthood once more, fans have been super excited. Recently, Shahid and Mira welcomed their second child, and it’s a baby boy! Awwww! The doting parents already have a baby girl named Misha Kapoor. We have been super excited about the name of the toddler, but it seems that we don’t need to wait any longer. Mira and Shahid Kapoor’s baby has got a beautiful name, Zain.

There is an interesting story behind Mira and Shahid Kapoor’s baby getting named, but first, let’s take a moment to congratulate Mira and Shahid for being blessed with a bundle of joy! We are absolutely thrilled for both of them!


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As I told you, that the duo already has a baby princess named Misha Kapoor. It is interesting to note that Misha is a name which is a beautiful blend of Shahid and Mira’s names. “Mi” from Mira and “Sha” from Sasha, Shahid’s nickname.


See how cute Misha looks:


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So, the question of the hour is, what could be the possible reason that the adorable newborn has been named as Zain?


As per a recent report, actress Neelima Azeem (Shahid’s mother) expressed her joy, and shared her happiness, she said:

“It’s wonderful. Shahid and Mira are complete. I am in the best phase of my life. Misha has been the love of my life ever since she was born. And now, Zain joins her. He is a beautiful child. We all have toiled very hard in our lives and now just reaping happiness. God has been kind”.



She added:

“I had a very strong feeling that they will get a son, this time. I had even shared it with them. I kind of saw a son in their arms in one of my dreams.”


Opening up about the name Zain the actress further mentioned:

“Mira and Shahid decided it mutually. At the time of Misha’s birth, Zain was decided. It was that it will be Misha if it is a girl (combination of Mira and Sasha) and if it is a boy, it will be Zain. Long back I had shared the name with Zain. I had told Shahid that I love 4 names- Shahid, Ishaan, Zain and Kaamraan.”



Shahid had earlier shared his excitement and the name of the adorable baby boy via his official Twitter handle:



For those who don’t know, Zain was born at the Hinduja Hospital which is in Mumbai on September 5. The duo welcomed Zain home on September 7.

As a treat, take a look at some of the pictures of the family. Trust me, you’ll go “Awww”.


Kapoor family in the frame!



So cute!






Mira and Shahid Kapoor’s baby boy, zain is absolutely adorable. Heartily congratulations to the duo!