This Millionaire’s Son Will Get Married Along With The Samuhik Vivah Of 236 Orphan Girls

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2:33 pm 27 Jul, 2016


In today’s world, marriages have become a way to show off your money. From lavish designer clothes to luxurious wedding venues to sprawling buffets — people arrange the best of the best for their children’s weddings.

However, Mahesh Swani, a millionaire businessman from Surat thought of bringing a change.




A wealthy business tycoon, who can in every possible way arrange a big, fat wedding for his son thought about something different.

His son and nephew will be getting married this year on 25 December, 2016 but this wedding won’t be a lavish one. They will be getting married in a communal wedding along with 236 orphan girls.



Mahesh has a dream of becoming the adoptive father of 1,000 orphan girls.

It all started when Ishwar Swani of their community died, leaving his two daughters behind. At that time, when Ishwar’s whole family was facing trouble, Mahesh Swani came forward to help the daughters and got them married.



That was the time he realized that their are many other daughters in society who need help and support. Mahesh himself does not have a daughter and this made him promise himself to get 1,001 girls married.

Till 2012 he used to do kanyadaan, but from 2013 he started organizing communal weddings.



Their will be two other functions — mehendi on 22 December and garbha (traditional dance night) on 23 December apart from the wedding ceremony.

We all have a Mahesh in us, it will only take some realizations to bring him out. Our society, our people need us. If we are capable enough, then we should come forward to help others.

If you will help one, others will come to help you! The world will become a better place to live.





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