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What Does Your Favorite Milkshake Flavor Say About Your Personality?

Published on 31 August, 2016 at 12:18 pm By

For some time now, the internet has remained flooded with endless listicles predicting personalities based on simple things like the colours people like and the way they dress. But, let’s be honest, readers and social media users are bored of everything that is so mainstream. So, today, we decided to predict your personality based on……….. wait for it……..your favourite milkshake flavour.


Look for your favourite flavour in the list below and see if it matches with your personality:

1. Chocolate Milkshake

You are “Sexy”  “Bold” and “Fearless”. With your charm and wit, you get people to say “yes” without even asking for it.

Even though you have a towering desire to be flirtatious and seductive, you remain in touch with people’s feelings. You are a spirituality inclined person and yearn for greater happiness and good wellbeing.

Qualities: Charming, spiritual and seductive.

2. Strawberry Milkshake

You are like Chubul Pandey from Dabang, a little playful and flirtatious. An animal lover, you never compromise on loyalty and trust.

Whether it’s standing up for family, old friends or someone you just met, you are always there for them . Your friends describe you as fiercely energetic. You enjoy working out in the morning and have an innate fondness for animals. You are an amazing pal because people can always count on you.

Qualities: Loyal, animal lover, trustworthy .

3. Pineapple Milkshake

You are like a turtle, hard on the inside, soft on the inside, and willing to stick your neck out.


Honesty is your most valuable asset. You cannot imagine having a friend who was always lying to you and you wouldn’t do it either. You’re undemanding, straightforward with people and expect the same respect back.

Qualities: Honest, respectful and outspoken.

4.Vanilla Milkshake

Just like Rancho, from 3 idiots, you have a pinch of free advice for everyone around you. Your quick wit and care and love for people keeps them coming back for more.

You retain peace and balance every day, and try to live in the moment. You love puzzles, brain teasers, and solving real-life problems. You love giving a lot of gyaan to people close to you, which shows how much you care and love them.

Qualities: Intelligent, simple and caring.

5. Butterscotch Milkshake

You are a Sadhu, a loner and thinker, and extremely passionate about life. 

You are an overthinker and cherish comfort than thrill-seeking. You don’t always love to be in the company of others and most of your energies are reserved for yourself. Being hardworking, creative and dedicated, you are ethical at work.

Qualities: Loner, creative, and an overthinker.

6. Fresh Raspberry Milkshake

Politics runs in your blood, just as hard music in your heart!

You’re a total math person. You wouldn’t describe yourself as very creative. You don’t like to complicate things and like being easy-going. Your rivers run very deep. You have a strong interest in society and politics. You enjoy loud music and aren’t scared to rock out hard at a concert. Your friends are like your family.

Qualities: Calculative, mindful and a music lover.

7. Mango Milkshake

Love can turn you into a Joru Ka Gulam. 

As a mango lover, you have quite rigid ideas, and hence, influencing you is no easy task. You tend to be an extremist with strong likes and dislikes and at times even like to control a situation. You enjoy getting involved in something that challenges your mental ability. Others might find you inflexible but you are like a kitten when you are with your partner.

Qualities: Mentally strong, influential and inflexible.

8. Mint Milkshake

You have a knack for solving problems. If trapped in a cage and someone gave you a pin or a banana, you’ll figure out quickly, how to walk out.

You are an ambivert and a chilled-out person. You tend to be equally shy and outgoing depending on the situation. You need time alone in between to recharge your batteries or could get worn out. You love binge-watching TV shows, alone.

Qualities: Ambivert and cool.

9. Coffee Milkshake

A complete dramabaaz, you always remain on your feet and like to get things done correctly.

Being a coffee lover and an introvert, books complete your life. Sitting with a laptop and having Mocha-latte in an isolated coffee shop is your favorite getaway. Long walks and deep talks are your favorite.

Qualities: Introvert and bookish.


If you want to find out which flavor of milk you really like, try visiting your nearest milk both, or if you happen to be in Delhi, try Keventers flavored milks.


Also, don’t forget to tell us, which is your favorite milkshake flavor and why. Share your choices and views in the comments section below!

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