10 Military Inventions That Have Become An Important Part Of Our Life Today

10:00 am 28 Aug, 2017


There are many inventions that were originally created for military use but subsequently found civilian uses. Below is a list of such inventions that become an important part of our day-to-day life. Take a look.

1. Aircraft tracking radar (Invented in mid 1930s)

It was invented and used by Royal Air Force, United Kingdom. Originally, the invention was used in the air defence systems to give early warning signal. However, the invention is now being used in air traffic control systems, and microwave oven.





2. Walkie-talkie (Invented in 1930s)

This was invented by two Canadians, Donald Hings and Alfred J. Gross, and was originally used as portable two-way radio communications system for military purpose. It is today being used for business, public safety, marine, amateur radio, and CB radio.


Military invention


3. Night vision (Invented in 1939-1940s)

This was originally invented and used by the US military personnel for better visibility in low light situations. Now, this invention is being used in low light photography, and surveillance.


4. Duct tape (Invented in 1942)

Invented in the United States, this duct tape was originally used for sealing ammunition cases, but now it is being used for multiple purposes.


Military inventions


5. Ballistic missiles (Invented in 1940s)

Ballistic missiles were originally used for long range attack by the Nazi Germany and Soviet Union. It is now being used for purposes such as in space exploration, launch of communication, weather and global positioning satellites, etc.


6. Nuclear technology (Invented in 1940s)

Nuclear technology was originally used as nuclear weapons for large-scale destruction by the United States, United Kingdom and Canada. However, it is now being used for various civilian benefits such as in medicine and nuclear power.


7. Jet engine (Invented in 1940s)

Originally invented and used by the Royal Air Force and Nazi Germany as jet fighters and jet bombers, this invention is now being used in all passenger airlines.


Military inventions


8. Digital photography (Invented in 1960s)

Originally invented by the United States and Soviet Union for military purpose, digital photography was used for spy satellites. However, the invention is now widely used by civilians as cameras.


9. Internet (Invented in 1960s)

Internet was originally invented as reliable computer networking for military purpose by the United States, United Kingdom and France. However, it has led to invention of the World Wide Web by British scientist Tim Berners-Lee; and subsequently widespread availability of information, telecommunication and electronic commerce as it is today.


10. Satellite navigation (Invented in 1970s)

Invented and used by the United States and Soviet Union, satellite navigation was originally used for nuclear weapons force multiplier, and increased warhead accuracy through precise navigation. The invention is now being used widely for navigation, and personal tracking.




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