Mika Singh Booked Whole Business Class Of His Dubai Flight, But Netizens Slammed Him For Being A Show-off

5:46 pm 15 Jul, 2018


Mika Singh, 41-year old singer, songwriter and composer, started his career at an early age. Over this period he has released many solo albums. The singer-songwriter has also been a part of many reality shows of the Indian TV industry.

Owing to his multi-talented personality, Mika has earned a huge fan following. He has also done playback singing for many Bollywood movies. Few of his most successful songs include – ‘Mauja Hi Mauja’ from ‘Jab We Met’, ‘The Padman Song’ from ‘Padman’, ‘Bas Ek King’ from the movie ‘Singh is King’ and many more.


Mika Singh 1

Singer-songwriter Mika Singh. Source


Not only Bollywood, the singer has also been a part of many Bengali, Lollywood, Kannada, and Odia projects. It is safe to say that Mika Singh is well liked across the nation and the globe.



The singer also performs in live shows at various international destinations. And recently, he was flying to Dubai for the same. To get to the show, the singer booked the whole business class of his Emirates flight. Mika Singh also made a video from the business class bragging about his monetary achievement.


Mika Singh first class travel

Mika the first class area of the flight. Source


But what he thought would impress his fans, had the completely opposite effect. Soon after he uploaded the video, netizens poured in to express how furious they were. Here is Mika Singh’s Instagram post:




This is what some of the comments on this post looked like:


Mika has the money, but no brains. He has crossed all the limits of being a show-off, so disappointed in him.



He should now compare himself to Michael Jackson, he has only wasted a lot of money, nothing smart in that.



Idiot! If he had so much money, he should have given it to the poor.



He’s a jerk, LOL!



This is sheer nonsense, Emirates should stop serving stupid customers like him.