Mika, Living Proof That One Should Stick To What One Knows And At All Other Times, STFU

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11:20 pm 10 Aug, 2016

Mika Singh, the resident blabbermouth of the playback singing world, seems to have landed in trouble because of his big mouth. Again!

It looks like he’s out to collect as many misdemeanour charges as he possibly can! It all started with Rakhi Sawant. It was the rabid publicity he got from that “kiss controversy” that gave him his first taste of the limelight, and he seems incapable of staying without it now!


In the last decade, he’s gone from kissing unsuspecting randos, to following in Sallu’s footsteps and getting in a hit-and-run accident; from being accused of molestation, to slapping a doctor; from allegedly sending people out of India illegally, to claiming Bipasha Basu kissed him. Ha! AS IF!

And now he’s just scraping the bottom of the scumbag barrel with crass jokes about people’s names. At the music launch of ‘Happy Bhag Jayegi’, Mr Motor Mouth made a cheap-ass joke about Diana Penty’s surname. First he called her Dina, and when corrected, he said:

Diana Panty and Mika Kachcha.

I’m betting Diana Penty was like,




Diana, on her part, maintained a dignified silence at this uncalled-for attack so as not to create a scene. In an interview later, she said:

I don’t find these jokes funny. I don’t even understand how people laugh at such comments.


If only schmucks like Mika understood the difference between being funny and being a douche! Oi! Mika! Here’s some advice for you:



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