Microsoft’s Default Font May Spell Doom For Nawaz Sharif Government In Pakistan

4:57 pm 12 Jul, 2017


Can you imagine how little sparks can burn the whole town? We might witness this phenomenon soon as the Nawaz Sharif government is in troubled waters in relation to Panama Papers.

The daughter of Pakistan’s PM, Maryam Sharif, submitted “original documents” of the properties for investigation. According to the reports, the laboratory’s expert Robert W Radley has revealed that the font used in the papers has been identified as Microsoft’s default “Calibri” which was not available until 2007. Interestingly, the documents are said to be from 2006.

Maryam is said to have properties in London which she never disclosed in her tax returns. The family is struggling with the Panama Papers’ leak and this revelation may bring about a storm that Nawaz Sharif wouldn’t want to face.


Meanwhile, the Pakistani Twitterati cannot stop from making jokes and memes on this situation. Check out the utter madness:










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