This Micronation In The US, With A Population Of Just 33 Citizens, Is A ‘Small Wonder’

Is your “wanderlust” too strong? So, you have a number of stamps to boast of on your passport? Then which is the smallest country you have visited in the world? There are nations, small nations, and then there are micronations which are an example of interestingly efficient small scale rule.

The Republic of Molossia, with an unbelievable population of 33 citizens is a sovereign nation. It has it own border control, currency, space program, traditions, and rules. Kevin Baugh is the dictator of the place for past 40 years. Molossia in Nevada, US, is a self-declared sovereign entity.


Kevin Baugh, the dictator of micronation The Republic of Molossia.Daily Mail

According to their official website, spread across 11.3 acres of land, Molossia was formed by Kevin Baugh and his high school friend James Spielman in 1977. To put things in perspective, almost 5 micronations like Molossia can be established in the entire premises of Taj Mahal.


Currency of The Republic of Molossia.The Sun

The nation has its own navy, railroad, bank, measurement system, etc. The two friends decided to form it after watching ‘The Mouse That Roared’, a satire film on the Cold War.


The Republic of Molossia has a population of 33 with few dogs and cats. The first family of the micronation has 54-year-old President Baugh, First Lady Adrienne, their seven children, two grandchildren and other relatives.


President Kevin Baugh, with his wife and daughter. Daily Mail

President Baugh likes to dress up in a ceremonial outfit decked with medals for special occasions. Molossia also pays taxes to the US federal government which he likes to call “foreign aid”.

love being dictator; it is fantastic but it is also intentional. When I remodeled Molossia, I chose to be a dictator.


Passport stamp of The Republic of Molossia.The Sun

The Republic of Molossia is not officially recognized by legitimate government but the passports of the visitors are examined and stamped at the border control desk. Molossia is celebrating 40 years of existence on the face of earth, however, it comes off as a mock nation.