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Love Is Not Dead, Look At Michelle Barrack Obama To Taste That Warm, Fuzzy Feeling

Published on 23 September, 2016 at 8:02 pm By

With Brangelina going their separate ways, love almost feels dead on the Internet. But let’s be honest. They were never real-life goals. When we talk about real relationship goals, look right here at the Obamas. These heart-melting warm pictures of much-in-love Obamas hits right at the cupid.




A marriage of almost 25 years, the first couple of America stands as a classic example of true, ever-lasting love. This is no Hollywood fairytale with glitzy stars as lead (though they do have a movie made on them- Southside With You), yet their relationship is as thick as our old-school-parents’ and their romance as sweet as our teenage siblings’. Obamas indeed give us relationship goals every time they stand up for each other; just the way they’ve been doing it for all these years.




Michelle Robinson met the man Obama when she was assigned to mentor him at the Chicago law firm Sidley & Austin. Their first date was a trip to see Do the Right Thing in 1989.




After a period of three years, the couple walked the aisle in 1992. Till date, there is something keeping their romance warm and giddy as you often spot Michelle fixing his bow, Barrack sneaking in for a kiss and the couple constantly holding hands in subtlety and joy.




The big moment arrived in 2004 when Barrack Obama delivered his acceptance speech in Chicago with Michelle and his two daughters, Malia and Sasha. And dare we say, the romance ever fizzled out with kids on the block?




NOPE! That’s not how Obamas do.

Oprah, same, same. 



When he steals some time right before the guests arrive, you know what’s the deal about being a real romantic.



And when the world is too busy watching a baseball match, Mr. President prefers something more important.



The moment he flashes that wide-tooth smile to tell you how much he missed you – this is how love looks like!


And when the world can’t aww-eing your magical togetherness- you know you’ve got a miracle in your arms.



25 years of marriage and this high-school sweetness; this picture emotes the joy of holding someone’s hand.


If he can make you laugh, what really else do you need?


That smirk of Barrack’s speaks volumes about their adoring chemistry.


And that another one.



A man who hugs you often is the one to keep.



Grow younger as you grow older if you want to keep this giddy spark alive.



When he doesn’t care how awkward the background feels and all he want to do is look into your eyes.

This guy. 



While entertainment industry gives us a lot of relationship goals on-and-off, if we really want to look up to someone, we better do that with people who have lived in a world as real as ours. Barrack and Michelle Obama’s relationship is indeed one of those which tells what keeps the love grow stronger and more beautiful with passing years. Grow together, grow each other.





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