Mia Khalifa Couldn’t Look More Sensual In Latest Photo-shoot, And You Just Can’t Miss It!

Updated on 28 Nov, 2018 at 2:39 pm

Former porn star (2014-2015) Mia Khalifa is a social phenomenon if that’s the word millennial would relate to. The Lebanese-born American social media personality has not only had a varied career graph but also raises the temperatures with each picture we see of hers. And now, Mia Khalifa’s Patreon shoot is grabbing the attention of her 11.3m followers! The 25-year-old sexy and seductive persona makes herself more desirable than ever.

Talking of desirable, Mia Khalifa’s Patreon shoot is just one chip off the block. Just like every photo shoot, this one has gone viral too.



Not only does she make every man (or woman) weak in their knees, but also takes the internet by storm with her sensuous expressions.



This social media person isn’t just one of the top porn stars of Porn Hub. She’s one of the most desirable in the whole world!



Her new photoshoot was done by her favorite photographer Kevin. The former adult star can be seen relaxing in a pool-type effect in all-white:



Mia wore this interesting criss-crossed detailing on her swimsuit while coming out of the pool:



In this image, Mia just seems to be ‘soaked’ in the moment!



Now, Mia Khalifa’s Patreon shoot is taking the internet by storm! Kevin clicked her in this black lingerie, while Texas Dela Rosa did her makeup.



Mia Khalifa’s Patreon shoot isn’t the only thing she’s been busy with. After quitting her pornographic career, she has now turned into a successful vlogger!