Mia Khalifa Rubbishes HIV Rumors And Mocks Twitterati With Her ‘HIV Positive’ Jokes

Mia Khalifa, adult movie star, made headlines recently after a fake news website published an alleged interview with her, and claimed that she is HIV positive.

Soon, this news become viral, and Twitterati started talking about it, and false rumors of her illness started trending.




Eventually, Mia clarified that she is HIV negative by tweeting some hysterical HIV jokes and, she  savagely criticized the website for spreading false rumors.

Her tweets are a real badass.

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What an analogy!


In the above tweet, she is referring to a scene from the hilarious TV show, ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’, where Danny DeVito’s character pushes to the front of a line by claiming that he is HIV positive.



Not today, dude.


Because promotions first.


The same old story.


Your wish will be granted, bro.


The perfect summary.





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