Guy Claimed Mia Khalifa Punched Him For Clicking A Selfie With Her. You Will Love Mia’s Response

Mia Callista, who is popularly known as Mia Khalifa, entered the world of pornography by choice and then got ranked 1 in the year 2015 as the most searched porn star on the internet. Mia is known for her blunt and bold nature not just onscreen but in her personal life as well.

Pornographic actress, Mia Khalifa. providr.com


Khalifa’s career has been surrounded by controversy and yet another accusation has been put on Mia by a fan. This guy claimed that when he clicked a selfie with Mia Khalifa she punched him in his face. He also posted a picture of the bruise on his cheek along with the selfie that he clicked with the adult star.

Fan’s tweet accusing Mia Khalifa. metro


Though Mia didn’t respond to his accusation or tweet, her fans thrashed the guy on Twitter and defended her. Defending the adult celebrity, many even said that Mia cannot do this as she stays really polite with her fans. Also, another fan posted a selfie with Mia Khalifa relating  her experience with the star. She said that Mia was very patient and well behaved with her.

Replying to her female fan’s tweet, Mia Khalifa praised her and said that the fan asked for her consent before clicking any picture with her.

Mia’s reply was a clear answer to the accusation of punching the guy’s face. In her tweet, the adult star clearly gave the reason for her behavior with the guy. This means that the guy forcibly took a selfie with Mia and she didn’t like it.

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