Pornstar Mia Khalifa As US Ambassador To Saudi Arabia? Petitioners Urge Trump To Do That

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11:31 pm 30 Nov, 2016

As weird as it may sound, but some people really want pornstar Mia Khalifa to be appointed as US Ambassador to Saudi Arabia.

An online petition has been started by Dalcolm Rodriguez-Goldstein urging US President-elect Donald Trump to do the same. The petition has got more than 4000 signatures.



The petition says that Mia Khalifa has a proven track record of bringing people together regardless of cultural background for the betterment of international community.

“She will be a great leader representing us in the middle east as well as a symbol of the melting pot that is America,” it added.

The pornstar, however, in July said that he was planning to leave the porn business. She was in the industry only for a year but has made a huge fan following. Khalifa has 1.32 million followers on Twitter and over 5 lakh fans on Instagram.

What is happening? Seriously!



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