Mexico City Recorded Minor Earthquake Soon After The Win Against Germany. How Are They Connected?

8:37 pm 18 Jun, 2018


This year Russia is hosting the FIFA World Cup 2018, which is currently underway. There are 32 participating teams which have been split into eight groups with four teams each. On June 17, 2018, two teams from Group F, i.e. Germany and Mexico competed against each other in Moscow, Russia. But the impact of the match was observed in Mexico City, read on to know how.

The Mexican National Football Team is one of the only six countries to have consecutively qualified for all World Cups since 1994. However, the team has never made it past quarterfinals and hence has never won.

Flag with the logo of Mexican football team. Source

The German National Football Team, on the other hand, is the defending champion for the FIFA World Cup. The German team has won the world cup title four times, which is the second highest following Brazil with five wins.

In a shocking turn of events during the Sunday match, Mexico beat Germany, pushing the latter in deficit. Mexican footballer Hirving Lozano scored a goal, giving Mexico a 1-0 lead, which got carried on till the end.

Here’s Lozano rejoicing as he scores the goal leading to Mexico’s win. Source


This is the first time that Germany has ever lost a match in the group stage.

However, this was not the most surprising part of the day. According to SIMMSA Mexico, an organization that monitors seismic activities in Mexico City, a minor/ artificial earthquake was recorded just a few moments after Hirving scored the winning goal.

Here is the post by SIMMSA-


Here is the translation of the SIMMSA post-


SIMMSA provided further explanation about the activities recorded in Mexico City in its blog. As per tradition, numerous Mexican fans gathered around in parks and squares of Mexico City, to observe and enjoy the match together. And according to SIMMSA, the seismic activity was most likely a result of the massive jumps and the reaction of the huge crowd to the win, as it was recorded within just a few seconds of Lozano’s goal.

The observation has created a buzz, and this is how tweeps are reacting-

What if they win the whole World Cup?

The same thing happened in Cleveland

Can’t believe Germany lost-


Trying to knock the wall down-


Buen Curso… Seems like no one celebrates a victory like the Mexican do.