Parents Record Couple Getting Raunchy In-flight And What They Did Next Is Unbelievable!

4:35 pm 22 Jun, 2018

People tend to do and witness strange things in-flight. If you’re a regular traveler then you would have seen screaming babies, exhausted parents or alcoholic outbursts creating ruckus. While we can’t blame long flights for restlessness, some incidents are actually too awkward to digest. One sees Hollywood engaging in PDA (Public display of affection) all the time but what these parents witnessed, was something very unique!

By awkward, it refers to seeing couples do all sorts of things in-flight. It doesn’t matter to them how their PDA is affecting others.



If one has to understand what makes passengers go ‘over-board’ with explicit acts in flights, let’s recall a few. This incident happened in a Dhaka bound flight. A male passenger masturbated and didn’t bow down, before being arrested for the same.



This incident was so disturbing that the airline made a public apology on their Facebook page:



Just like that, even Indian passengers travelling in rickshaws or buses are not spared. This woman caught a rickshaw driver masturbating during a ride and shared the video online. Watch the viral video:



In another incident, a man masturbated in a Kolkata bus while ignoring rest of the passengers around him.

Recently, parents to a young girl called Kiley Tully, went for a Mexico holiday minus her. But they didn’t expect something on their journey, and were subjected to some ‘real’ in-flight entertainment.



A couple joined a ‘Mile high club’ in the same flight, while the parents decided to film them. For the unknown, ‘Mile high club’ is a slang used for couples who make physical relations in a flight.



Kiley’s parents found a couple indulging in open PDA. Since the flight was empty, they were making out in a public cabin, just two rows behind the Tullys.


Mexican parents 5

Screenshot twitter


The couple’s raunchy act was recorded by Kiley’s parents and also shared with her! Yes, the parents sent the recording of this “inappropriate” act to their daughter and Kelly posted it on Twitter.



The caption of the video which says her parents went for a peaceful trip to Mexico, went crazily viral and till now, has received more than 130K likes and retweeted about 52K times!



The 45-second video also shows the little act was still big enough for so many likes and the other passengers were completely unaware of what back seats were all about! Watch this hot PDA session here:




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