Mexican Mayor ‘Marries’ A Crocodile In Traditional Ceremony To Bring Good Luck

3:15 pm 6 Jul, 2017

If you are a Hindu, or even if you were born in India, then this news might not come as a surprise. We too have bizarre traditions which land people in uncommon conjugal associations. These “marriages” are inspired by traditional motives to bring prosperity, luck, wealth, etc.

As part of a centuries-old tradition, a mayor in Mexico has wed a crocodile. The union is believed to bring good luck for the fishermen. The reptilian bride was decked in a wedding dress and the ceremony followed the traditional rules and norms.



Mayor Victor Aguilar of San Pedro Huamelula married a croc as a symbol of two rival groups coming together, the Chontales and the Huaves. The indigenous groups lived in conflict in pre-Hispanic times and claimed the power to bring luck to the harvest. However, the differences resolved when the son of Chontales fell in love and married the princess of Huaves.

Mayor Victor Aguilar comments on the occasion,

They, local residents, call her ‘The Princess’. So the role that I play is to be the husband of the princess.


The wedding ceremony was said to be a traditional Mexican one where the bride (the crocodile) wore a white wedding dress with her jaws clamped shut. The bride was also baptized before the 200-year-old rituals commenced to summon good luck and prosperity for the town. She was accompanied by band music and paraded the whole town in a veil.


If you think this must be it, then wait, the bride and groom also danced together in the town where the ceremony took place and shared a wedding kiss. The wedding is said to be a part of festivities in honor of Saint Peter who is the town’s patron saint.


Even in India, men and women are often married to dogs, and trees to nullify the problems in their horoscope. It seems like Mexicans are kinfolk of us Indians.