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Things That #MeToo Victims Are Tired Of Listening

Published on 15 October, 2018 at 5:48 pm By

The #MeToo movement has gained momentum and has brought with it a way of unfiltered emotions all across the country. The movement has started conversations and an open debate in our otherwise silent society. What is praiseworthy is how these brave women are breaking the societal shackles and “naming and shaming” people who were once involved in sexual misconduct.  But the sad part is that sometimes the ‘victims’ get shamed by others without knowing the reality.


Instead of listening to the victims once and supporting them with words we traumatize them. Now that the movement has brought some of the extremely powerful names to the limelight, When India’s#MeToo movement was raging up with some extremely powerful names coming up, some doubted the accusers.

Here are the ten things that every #MeToo victim has to hear.


She should have taken care

This is the most common advice given to a victim. And why is it believed that she had not taken care?



Aur pio ladkon ke sath

Amitabh Bachchan in the movie ‘Pink’ describes why women are judged in Indian society if they drink. They are judged even more if they drink with guys. But does drinking with the opposite sex means women deserve to get assaulted?




I think she was asking for it

Yes! She was asking for it. She was wearing a short skirt or trying to be extra friendly so she was asking for it!



Please, this is not sexual harassment

There is a thin line between healthy flirting and sexual harassment but yes there is a line.  People pass judgments saying that sexual harassment doesn’t exist if the girl was not at least raped!



Legal route will trouble you only

If a girl has mugged up the courage to come out in open and name the accused then she is warned against the legal complications. Maybe that’s why she keeps quiet for a very long time?


Ab bolkar kya fayda


Ab kya fayda? Why are you doing this now? Why were you not saying anything when it actually happened? Well, it is not for the benefit. It is for the courage of finally accepting the wrong.




What is the proof?

How will you prove that you were sexually assaulted? Okay, fair enough, people need proof but how exactly certain issues get proved? Why are the complaints not heard first?




I don’t think any educated guy can do this

This perception needs to be changed that educated people can’t do anything like this. Education has nothing to do with sexual harassment. It is in mind.


It is fake!

Most of the times the accusations are labeled as fake. Allegations are considered to be publicity driven. We are not saying that every accusation is true but instead of calling it straight fake it needs to get listened to first.



Tere sath? But tu toh ladka hai bro!

The biggest misconception that one has is that #MeToo is only for women. But let me clear it, the #MeToo goes beyond gender and time.




It’s high time we as a community, as a society, come together to make this a safe environment for every individual to work and live in and not blame the victims only.

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