Another #MeToo? And Now It’s Rekha! Who Molested Her?

4:16 pm 9 Oct, 2018


Bollywood is witnessing a time when the allegations against sexual harassment are on a roll. The silent voices are coming out loud and shouting names of alleged offenders. Bollywood actress Tanushree Dutta’s accusation of sexual harassment against veteran actor Nana Patekar appears to be the starting of a strong #MeToo movement in India. The recent is the tweet by filmmaker Nikita Deshpande on the sexual harassment of Bollywood diva Rekha.

Evergreen Rekha has always been talked about; mostly related to her public persona as well as turbulent personal life. In the biography, Rekha: The Untold Story, written by Yasser Usman, the writer reveals the details that are, well, have to be read to be believed. Indian filmmaker Nikita Deshpande threw light on a similar incident.




Nikita Deshpande talks about the movie scene between actor Rekha and Biswajeet Chatterjee during the shoot of ‘Anjana Safar’. Barely 15-years-old Rekha was forcibly kissed for full 5 minutes by the 30-year-old actor Biswajeet.



Nikita Deshpande comparing about the backlash faced by Bernardo Bertolucci after a surfaced video clip showed him confessing that he did not consult Maria Schneider about some elements of the most notorious rape scene in Last Tango in Paris, tweeted:



Biswajeet referred to the incident as director Raja Nawathe’s idea. Raja had insisted that he kiss Rekha. 

“It was not for my enjoyment, but important for the film. Rekha felt betrayed and was furious”.



A ‘love’ scene without the consent of the actor is a violation. But many times such actions go unreported. The accounts of the sexual harassment against Rekha reveals the dark reality of Bollywood. The sad part is that nothing happens on the time of the incident and such perpetrators are saved!



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