This Florida Woman’s Brave Action Is Taking #MeToo Movement To A Next Level!

5:53 pm 12 Oct, 2018


In the post #MeToo era, it’s hard to find women who have spoken against it and found a way out for themselves too. The ‘victims’ in such cases are now creating platforms for themselves to accuse and shame those who have threatened or victimized them. Unfortunately, only a few have the courage to do so. But one Florida woman has set aside a great example – carving a new league of women in the #MeToo era.

Have you ever wondered what happens to those women who don’t have access to such mediums? Do you know how it must feel to contain your torture all this while emotionally, mentally and physically? Well, this Florida woman’s case is just about.



Unfortunately, some victims can’t identify themselves after their harassment. #MeToo era is just tailor-made for them!




Despite this revolution, the action of a Florida woman was far greater than the abuse itself. She held it inside for two days and finally did something about it.



In a video which has gone viral, the woman can be seen entering the veterinary clinic with her boyfriend and her dog as company. She seems to walk past the desk swiftly.



Does everything seem normal to you? Well, look closely again – she slips what looks like a handwritten note to the women at the desk.



According to reports, Reichle (the Florida woman) had slipped a note informing the veterinary personnel about her abusive boyfriend who had abused her for 2 days, and that’s when she alerted them with this clever plan.



After distracting her boyfriend (Floyd) for a brief moment, Reichle handed a worrying note to the clinic’s managers:



This is what the bereaved girlfriend’s note read:



After reading her note, the veterinary personnel made the couple sit in a room and quietly called the police to take action. This is what #MeToo is all about – action and only action!



Want to know what happened next in this ‘rescue operation’? Then watch the video:



Floyd was taken away by the police, but Reichle was admitted for a head injury, black eye, and bruises on her delicate arms.



Floyd was later jailed with charges on domestic violence, aggravated assault with a firearm and false imprisonment.




Considering Reichle saved her life is truly commendable, isn’t it? Cheers to the #MeToo era and for such courageous women on this planet.

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