Messenger Of God’s Product Endorsement Is The Strangest Thing You Will See Today

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5:26 pm 6 Apr, 2016




Armed with a strange wig and costume, Sant Ram Rahim Singh Insan is all set to launch his products in the market. As adulteration in food products is really common these days, he claims to provide unadulterated products to the people.

The advertisement, with poor acting and an 80s set up, is just showing their desire to be seen on television. It looks as if he has asked his whole family to act in it.

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In other words, we can simply say that Sant Ram Rahim Singh is all set to give Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali products a competition.


Well, he is forgetting that Patanjali has already deep rooted itself in the market. Though both the Babas are laughing stocks,both have a huge following!



Waste no time and watch his hilarious video and then decide if you want to buy any product that is named MSG.