Meryl Streep To Campaign For Oscar Nomination Of Nirbhaya Documentary ‘India’s Daughter’

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6:27 pm 17 Oct, 2015


Lending support to one of BBC’s most talked about documentary ‘India’s Daughter’, Hollywood legend Meryl Streep said she would actively campaign for it to be nominated for the Oscars this year.

The movie, which has been made by British filmmaker Leslee Udwin, talks about one of India’s most gruesome rape incidents in recent times – The Nirbhaya gang rape and murder case of 2012.


What is more, while many Indians came out in support of the documentary, the government went on to ban its telecast in India claiming that it shows the rape from rapist’s point of view with one of the rapists even justifying the heinous crime.

While talking about ‘India’s Daughter’, Streep said that she was left speechless after watching the documentary’s New York Premier last year and would actively campaign for it to be nominated for “Best Documentary”.



While Udwin’s documentary was banned in India in March, BBC went on to broadcast it in UK and rest of the world disregarding Indian government’s request.

Taken aback by the ban, Udwin had later said that opposition to her work in India stemmed from ‘misogynist’ cultural traditions and ‘misplaced’ national pride.

She had then lamented:

“Like many countries on Earth, national pride comes into the decision, but I think it’s a misplaced notion. I think it has boomeranged and backfired. It breaks my heart that India, the world’s largest democracy, opted to engage in the very un-democratic act of banning a film.”


While even after protest by many all across India, who felt the documentary portrayed the real picture of what was happening in the country and thus needed to be shown, the government pay them no heed and maintained the ban on the documentary.

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