Kathmandu Firm Implemented Menstrual Leave And Women Just Can’t Stop Celebrating

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6:32 pm 28 Jul, 2016

To all the women out there…

Kathmandu-based company Sasto Deal has regulated ‘Period Leave Policy’ for their female employees. Yes girls, this is happening!!!



So sad this is not happening in Delhi. At least someone has taken a first step. Seriously, nothing can make me feel happier right now!

Being a girl I can give my honest opinion about how bad it feels being on periods and heading to work. You can be efficient at work, but the hectic traveling kills you and the mood swings makes you want to burn your office down to ashes.



Anyhow the good news is that Sasto Deal (SD) has allowed menstrual leaves for their women employees. Obviously, this does not mean they will take leaves for all four to seven days a month. But, they can take leave for a day or two when they feel the most uneasy.



Richa Rajbhandari, business development manager at SD shared:

“All the female employees would feel uncomfortable (not because of male colleagues but due to the natural functioning of their bodies) and inefficient at the workplace during that time of month. We felt comfortable resting and working from home instead. Personally, one day, when I wasn’t feeling good, I took a leave and decided to work from home. I realized I was more productive at home.”

The fun part is that the men didn’t complain about inequality. They understood that it’s a step towards equality and appreciated the step:

“If you get sick, you take a break. If you are unable to work, you take a break. I am sure there are some iron ladies who have no symptoms at all but for most, there is at least one miserable day during this time. So yeah, it’s perfectly fine to take a break,” said SD’s CTO, Sodhan Manadhar.

Female employees are really happy with this change. Ayushree Thapa, SD’s creative content manager, feels that this is a step closer to gender equality at workplaces:

“Understanding and recognizing that men and women are different, that equality does not mean the two genders function the same way, is important. In its truest form, this is actually a step closer to equality in the workplace, where men and women work together and both genders understand the differences between each other.”



This is not unusual for a few other countries. In Japan, this policy has been legit since 1947 and is a success in Taiwan, South Korea, Indonesia and certain parts of China as well. Recently, in March, a UK-based company Coexist decided to implement a menstrual leave policy.

Still, Sasto Deal has become a pioneer by taking such a step. This first step can inspire others too! India, where we are fighting to stop making periods a taboo, can improve if one of  its neighbor is taking such a bold step.




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