10 Reasons Why Men Should Fast On Karva Chauth

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Updated on 31 Oct, 2015 at 5:19 pm


For this one festival your loving wife wakes up before the sun, does puja, stays hungry for the whole day, gets ready in the most beautiful way possible, then waits for the moon and you to appear so that she can eat something.

Don’t you want to return the favor? Well, you too want her to live longer. Right? The following reasons may inspire you to make her feel special.


Come on, man! You are strong enough to starve for a day



Your fast will sure bring that million dollar smile to her face


Also your effort may help her to live longer


It is good for you as well as it detoxifies your body


A dry day for a change? No beer for a day is not a big deal.


She knows that you love her, but now it’s show time


A day of rest – if neither of you is eating, she won’t need to cook at all. Then you can take her out for dinner.


Show her some compassion. She is not eating anything and you are her better half. Aren’t you?


You must be aware about ‘gender equality’. Yes? Promote that!



You will become a star among the ladies once your wife will flaunt how cute you are to fast along with your wife.

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