12 Confessions From Real Men Which Show How Sexist They Feel

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Updated on 18 Apr, 2016 at 4:27 pm


In a world which is in a constant battle to give us women their long pending dues, confessions from men in lieu with their unfair dues here, confuses me. We women are known to be understanding, affectionate and emotionally independent, yet these confessions from my brothers of XY-chromosome make me think otherwise. Did we take the ‘sexist’ tag a bit too far?

*Spoiler’s alert*: This will make you go hug all the men in your life. 

1. We might look social, but we are utterly alone.

”Most women seem to have many friends that they could call on in a second to provide deep emotional support.

No guy friend has ever put their arm around me and told me it’s going to be ok. I don’t know any man I could cry to or just be with if I’m feeling down and desperate.”

”Personally, I think this is why guys take being “forever alone” harder than girls. For guys, a girlfriend is usually the only person you can be emotionally vulnerable with. No girlfriend, and you’ve got to just keep that stuff buried inside.”

2. We are feared, just for existing.

“Women complain about how they are constantly being objectified and desired by men all the time. Try a world where you are constantly unwanted, rejected, and outright feared, just for existing.”

3. We are never appreciated; because things are just expected from us.

”A woman with a career and a college degree is a unique success and glowing individual who is to be celebrated. A man with a career and a degree is only ever “good enough,” to meet the expectation.”

”And if you fail, you’re a disappointment. And you can’t really express frustration/emotion either. Unless it’s to someone very close to you… But even then sometimes all you get is a “sucks bro”.


4. We are not complimented enough

‘Being complimented, for any reason, is weird. Men don’t get compliments as frequently as women do. And when we actually are complimented, we believe there might be malice or sarcasm within a compliment where none exist—simply because of the infrequency of it.”“20 years passed before I was told by a woman other than my mother that I was handsome. If you think a guy is handsome TELL him. Chances are he hasn’t heard it in a long time.”

“20 years passed before I was told by a woman other than my mother that I was handsome. If you think a guy is handsome TELL him.Chances are he hasn’t heard it in a long time.”


5. We are agonized by balding.

“The toll that balding takes on a man’s emotional health.”

6. We do think ‘nothing’ a lot of times. 

”There is a nothing box, it does exist, and when I’m driving home from work or watching tv, im really genuinely thinking about nothing.”

“Once my girlfriend asked me what I’m thinking. I told her what I was- what a can of pop would look like floating through space and then exploding in super slow motion. She never asked me again.”


7. We are not hiding anything when we are quiet.


“Sometimes guys are quiet. Nothing is wrong. I just don’t have any words worth saying.”

8. We are stressed out to the point of breaking our body or cracking our mind

“How incredibly stressed out most of us are. People expect men to work themselves to the bone. Your boss will constantly be yelling at you unless you are literally working hard enough to break your body or crack your mind. This is why most guys when asked ‘How was your day?’ will reply ‘It was fine.’ and not want to say anymore. We are home. We are safe now. We don’t want to talk about the period of physical and mental torture we just went through. Use ANY other topic and you’ll get a nice social conversation like you enjoy.”


10. We are indeed quite philosophical.

“How incredibly emotional or philosophical men can be. What she sees: me sitting on the lawnmower. What I’m actually doing: I wonder what happens when I die.”

7. We like when women make the first move.

”100% of girls who made the first move on me either ended up dating me, or taking me home for a one night stand. It’s only happened twice in my entire life though.

It’s very nice to just feel wanted for once, instead of needing to prove why you might be worthy.”


8. Some of us are not very tall, or always up for doing something physically tiring.

”If you’re a guy who is not old or decrepit, you could be called upon randomly at any time to carry something heavy.

Also, ladies will ask you to reach stuff for them at the grocery store.”


12. Sexism is a double-edged sword.

”With a change in the societal environment, the public view and treatment of men should change accordingly. We have emotions and feelings too, and the desire to express them lies within our nature. Not every man is a predator of an offender by default, and while i don’t want to deny the atrocities committed by my ancestors, prejudice and discrimination are universal, and not bound by gender.

The war is over. We no longer have to hide our burden in order to ensure survival, but we do need encouragement to break with these traditions for ourselves.”


Now that you’re already melted thinking about the men in your life, go give them a big bear hug. They deserve it today! 


Source: Reddit