These Men Didn’t Let A Lady With A Baby Sit On A Seat Reserved For Women On The Delhi Metro

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5:12 pm 2 Jun, 2016


These men proved that for them, not only is chivalry dead but also basic human kindness.

As this photo shows, the men continued to defiantly sit on seats clearly marked ‘For Ladies Only’ despite the fact that two women were standing near them.

One of the ladies was carrying a small child and wanted to sit for a while, but the men refused to budge and the women chose to keep standing.

Delhi Metro Ladies Seat


While I wouldn’t expect a man to give up his seat for me, I would willingly give my seat to elderly people, pregnant ladies, people with any injury or health problem and even those who just look tired or overburdened.

The question here is not of gender – should the men have given the seats to the women? – but rather one of being humane. A lady with her small baby definitely deserves a break. Motherhood is tough. These men would have not lost anything by getting up and letting her sit there.


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