Men Escaping And Dragging A Cop Along Is The Most Disheartening Thing You Will See Today

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1:56 pm 20 May, 2016


A report published in TOI says that 16 people die every hour in a road accident. Many people lose their lives or loved ones due to the carelessness shown on the road. People give advice and make rules but it will only work when you follow them.



Our cops work day and night, spend many hours in this terrible heat to do their duty and protect us. People say that policemen are just after making money but if you really want them to stop this, then start following rules.




If a policeman is stopping you because you are not wearing a helmet, then that’s her/his duty.



First follow the rules and only if the policemen bug you, then open your mouth. These pictures of a cop trying to stop men riding a bike without helmets is absolutely saddening.



Even when a person tries to do his/her duty here in India the s/he has to pay a huge price for it.




It’s your call. Are we doing this right?

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