23 Reasons Why Men Love To Date Older Women

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10:00 am 9 Sep, 2015

We talk about equality everywhere but when it comes to marriage, a girl is always expected to be younger than the boy. Why so? However, there are many classic examples from Bollywood where women were older to the men and society is accepting this gradually. The experience of dating an older women completely differs from normal dating. Let’s look at some reasons why men love to date older women.

1. In this money minting world, an older woman is financially stable and can also give a ‘living’ to her man.

2. They have their own life and hardly ever bother about petty and annoying things.

3. Older women are good conversationalists, which they learned through previous experiences.

4. They don’t follow the theory of holding grudges over every ex.

5. You will find them career-oriented, rather than hooked up on a phone all the time.

6. They are bold enough to speak the truth and convince everyone.

7. They ares mature enough to handle various circumstances.

8. You can expect good manners from an older woman! They have a standard.

9. They are more emotionally stable.

10. Men love older women due to their maturity and self confidence.

11. Mostly, older women are well read, not just love stories but also serious literature.

12. Admit it, older women carry a lot of sexual experience and this is what every man wants.

13. They love to talk about their learning experiences with you! Grasp and love them!

14. Have you noticed this – older women are more attractive than younger girls?

15. A commitment given by older women will never fail. And men love this!

16. Men won’t get sucked into any unwanted drama and awkwardness when dating an older woman.

17. Yes, they understand the situation and discriminate between right and wrong.

18. They are not interested in sipping drink after drink to create chaos; they are sophisticated dates.

19. They don’t do anything to be the center of attraction.

20. Oh yes! They make you feel young.

21. Equipped with good sense of humor, older women respect your feelings and time spent together.

22. They are much likely to have good and mature friends around!

23. They are not poking you on social media.


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