Eight Men In Haryana Booked For Gang-raping Pregnant Goat, #JusticeForGoat Trends On Twitter

1:24 pm 30 Jul, 2018


Tweeple have expressed their emotions and sentiments on various national issues through their social media messages. Every incident that takes place in the society catches the attention of the social media in some way or the other such that they put their perspectives in front of the masses. In an unexpected turn of events, #JusticeForGoat has been trending all over the social media for the most uncommon reason possible.

Shockingly, it seems like the cases of animal sexual abuse are on the rise in the country. According to media reports, a goat has been gang-raped by eight men in a village in the Mewat district of Haryana. Well, this is not the most dreadful part of the news. Apparently, the seven-year-old goat was pregnant that later succumbed to its injuries in less than 24 hours after the incident.



According to the owner of the goat, Aslup Khan, the goat went missing from its shed on July 25 in the night after which he went looking for the goat with few other villagers. After searching for a while, they encountered those men sexually assaulting the pregnant goat. Aslup Khan and the other villagers allegedly thrashed three of the eight men who were in a drunken state for the abusive act.

It is also revealed that the men are local residents of the village. Out of the eight men, three have been identified as Savakar, Haroon, and Jaffar while the identities of the remaining five are yet to be ascertained by the police since they ran from the scene. Incidentally, the police at the Nagina police station has registered a case under Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) which prohibits “carnal intercourse against the order of nature with man, woman or animal” and under the Animal Cruelty Act against the accused.



As this incident caught the attention of the social media, they have posted appalling reactions to the heinous act. With their trending reactions, #JusticeForGoat is also gravitating as tweeple are asking for justice for the goat who lost its life due to the sexual abuse of those cruel men.



Take a look at some of the social media reactions seeking justice for the pregnant goat:



Just do what is needed!



Justice is what is needed!



Are people listening?



Just wondering!



Never too late!



The reason why the country is fighting!



Justice is being demanded!



With the increasing outrage of the netizens against the silence of the Bollywood celebs on the incident of the rape of the pregnant goat, actor Farhan Akhtar has finally voiced his reaction to condemn the incident. He took it to Twitter to raise his opinion against the atrocious act.



Check out his tweet:



However, netizens got anxious as they demanded Bollywood actress Swara Bhaskar to speak up for the motion. Social media users even used what seems like photoshopped pictures of Swara Bhaskar in order to slam the actress for her silence on the rape of the pregnant goat.



Take a look at some of the tweets:



Here is the morphed picture!



Could she have?